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The Nomad Razor
The Nomad Razor
The Nomad Razor

The Nomad Razor

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This razor design accommodates all levels of shaving. The least aggressive base plate is specifically designed for first time wet shavers with little to no learning curve, while the other three base plates range from mildly aggressive to very aggressive. These give the intermediate to experienced wet shaver the flexibility and control to achieve the best shave possible.

  •  Sturdy: this razor can withstand the rigors of constant travel, including moisture that may deteriorate and damage cartridge and metal double edge razors
  •  Environmentally friendly: a double edge razor uses biodegradable blades unlike cartridge razors, and 3D printing creates little to no waste during production
  •  Affordable: with the different base plates, you get 4 razors for less than $30 (comparable reversible razors cost around $100)
  •  Best material: the components of the razor are designed from materials that will perform best under all conditions, including regular daily use

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