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Who We Are

Our Story

One early morning in 2011, Nick was attempting to shave with just a handful of water and a clogged razor in the snow-covered Wardak Valley in Afghanistan. Far from the comforts of warm, running water and a new razor cartridge, his face slowly acquired an unseemly number of nicks. A friend passed by and chuckled, “Your face is fucked up!” Nick knew there had to be a better solution to his shaving predicament.

Once he returned to the United States, he embarked on a journey to educate himself about wet shaving. To his surprise (and dismay), there weren’t many resources available on any aspect of the art, from soap choices to razor designs. Even the equipment wasn’t properly designed for men-on-the-go.

Like any good soldier, he improvised with what he could get. He watched a few how-to videos and assembled his own shaving kit from camping and adventure sports products. The next time he found himself with other soldiers hacking away at their faces, he said to them “You know there’s a better way, right?”

About Nick

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Nick Vandeburgh is an active duty infantry officer with a passion for men’s grooming, specifically wet shaving. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Park University, and is currently earning his MBA from Syracuse University. Between serving in the U.S. Army and building Bearded Lady Shave Company, he spends his evenings with his wife Vanessa and his two dogs, Maddie and Lola.

Who is the Bearded Lady?

The name and logo come from Nick’s schnauzer named Lola, who was mistaken for a male dog by his niece and nephew because of her rather pronounced beard. Lola earned the nickname “Bearded Lady,” and the name stuck.