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Our 3D Printed Razor Kickstarter is LIVE!

Pre-order your razor on Kickstarter! You've seen multiple versions of this razor on our YouTube channel, in our blog, and on our Instagram, and now it's finally ready for production. But we need your help to make it happen. We want this razor to be a durable, affordable double edge razor for any working man who wants to elevate his morning routine. After launching the Bearded Lady Shave Company, I reached out to Mayur Patel, an artisan shave enthusiast and 3D printer designer. I wanted a reversible razor that would appeal to everyone on the wet shaving spectrum. This razor design accommodates all levels of shaving. The least aggressive base plate is specifically designed for first time wet shavers with little to no learning...

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A Better Generation Starts with Your Morning Routine

As Father’s Day looms closer, I can’t help but reflect on the vital role that fathers play in the development of young men, and it starts more often than not with first learning how to shave.   I think back to when I started to grow facial hair (a really long time ago), and how excited I was to start shaving just like my Dad. My Dad wasn’t as cool as I am (he uses an electric razor), and I poke fun at him every now and then. But this theme still holds true today. Teaching our young men to take good care of their face and having a man movement - a bearded lady moment if you will -...

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