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Our 3D Printed Razor Kickstarter is LIVE!

Pre-order your razor on Kickstarter!

You've seen multiple versions of this razor on our YouTube channel, in our blog, and on our Instagram, and now it's finally ready for production.

But we need your help to make it happen.

We want this razor to be a durable, affordable double edge razor for any working man who wants to elevate his morning routine.

After launching the Bearded Lady Shave Company, I reached out to Mayur Patel, an artisan shave enthusiast and 3D printer designer. I wanted a reversible razor that would appeal to everyone on the wet shaving spectrum.

This razor design accommodates all levels of shaving. The least aggressive base plate is specifically designed for first time wet shavers with little to no learning curve, while the other three base plates range from mildly aggressive to very aggressive. These give the intermediate to experienced wet shaver the flexibility and control to achieve the best shave possible.

After a year of extensive collaboration and testing, we developed the Nomad. All of the research and development is complete, and now we need your help to get these razors to production.  We’re finally in the last stretch to bring it to market!

Features of our 3D printed razor

  • Sturdy: this razor can withstand the rigors of constant travel, including moisture that may deteriorate and damage cartridge and metal double edge razors 
  • Environmentally friendly: a double edge razor uses biodegradable blades unlike cartridge razors, and 3D printing creates little to no waste during production
  • Affordable: with the different base plates, you get 4 razors for less than $30 (comparable reversible razors cost around $100)
  • Best material: the components of the razor are designed from materials that will perform best under all conditions, including regular daily use


About the Kickstarter

With a successful Kickstarter, we can place the first order of 3D printed razors, plus the packaging. Once the razors are finished and received, we will ship the orders to YOU, our backers! We expect the razors to ship in Winter 2019.

We decided to keep our goal lower than necessary so that we have a better chance to meet it. If we can raise at least $3,000, that covers half of the cost to place an order for the razors.

Technically, we could make the razors to order, but that would mean each razor would cost the customer $50 - and to us, that defeats the purpose of doing this. By placing a large order, we can spread out the manufacturing and shipping costs, which means the razor costs you less as a customer.

This razor will be available on our website for $24.99 later in 2019. If you support the Kickstarter, you can buy it for just $20!


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