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How to Wet Shave in Just 10 Minutes

Do you know how long it takes you to shave?

Do you warm up your face? Do you use shaving cream? How many times do you have to rinse the hair out of your razor? Do you moisturize?

Most importantly, do you feel good after you shave?

Shaving is a reality for most men, whether it’s every day or twice a week. I created the Bearded Lady Shave Company because I want you to look forward to your shaving ritual. I don’t want you to be intimidated by creating a good shaving routine for yourself.

Let me break down my morning shave routine for you.

A 10-minute shave that’s worth every moment

  1. Warm up my face. The longest part of this is waiting for the water to warm up, right?

  2. Apply pre-shave oil. This is to stimulate the hairs on your face, making them easier to catch in the razor. As that oil sits on your skin…

  3. Lather soap. Start with ¼ cup to get going, and if your brush seems too dry, or the texture isn’t creamy, just add a few more drops at a time until the consistency is like shaving cream. (You’re familiar with that, right?) When your soap is ready, it’s time to rinse off the pre-shave oil.

  4. Apply soap to your face. Use quick, broad strokes with your brush across your face and neck.

  5. Shave! Using a high-quality razor makes this much easier and quicker than most razors you’ve probably used. With a sharp blade, you can easily run the razor down your cheek in multiple swipes before needing to rinse it off. On any given morning I’ll do two passes.

  6. Rinse face and use alum block. The alum block is a game-changer. It quite literally seals the deal on your shave and helps to prevent razor burn from developing later in the day.

  7. Apply post-shave serum. Even if you don’t use the alum block, you won’t want to skip the post-shave serum. It’s the final touch that leaves you with moisturized skin and a refreshing scent.

Final Thoughts

When you first decide to change your shave routine, it will probably take a bit longer than 10 minutes. But if you stay committed to it, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your morning shave. You’ll revere that time you have to yourself in the morning, not just to complete a chore, but to treat yourself to a few minutes of ritualistic, effortless peace.

That’s a pretty good way to start your day, don’t you think?

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