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How to Shave Your Neck

The neck can be a difficult spot to shave, with its pesky dips and curves and jugulars! But we have a few quick tips for you to get a smooth neck shave. And as long as you go slowly with a sharp razor, you can get a close shave without irritation (or blood loss).



Do your first pass with the grain, and your second pass against the grain. This rule always applies when shaving your face.

Hold the blade with a stiff wrist at a steep angle against your skin. This gets the blade as close to your skin as possible, while still maintaining control.

Use short, overlapping strokes. With short strokes, you can navigate the curves of your neck better. And as you move down your neck (and then up), you can easily adjust your angle to shave the next patch of hair.

Clean your razor between passes. A clean surface on your razor means the blade can get closer to your skin, which means a smoother shave.

Make your skin taught. Creating a flat surface will help the razor slide across your skin. And the great thing about skin is that it's not stuck in one place. So that problem spot at the curve of your throat? Just pull the skin and make it flat!

Make a hotdog neck! Turn your head to the side and pull your chin to your shoulder. This helps to flatten the skin on your neck against your muscles.


And that's it! If you're still having issues, or have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me an email - I'm happy to help.


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