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How to Do a 10-Minute Straight Razor Shave Without Slicing Your Neck Open

A straight razor shave seems like a luxury only afforded to business men in the 1950s, right?

It’s actually not as difficult as it seems. It just takes practice.

A 10-Minute Straight Razor Shave: Preparation

  1. Warm up my face. The longest part of this is waiting for the water to warm up, right?
  2. Apply pre-shave oil. This is to stimulate the hairs on your face, making them easier to catch in the razor. As that oil sits on your skin…
  3. Lather soap. Start with ¼ cup to get going, and if your brush seems too dry, or the texture isn’t creamy, just add a few more drops at a time until the consistency is like shaving cream. (You’re familiar with that, right?) When your soap is ready, it’s time to rinse off the pre-shave oil.
  4. Apply soap to your face. Use quick, broad strokes with your brush across your face and neck.

A 10-Minute Straight Razor Shave: The Shave

  1. Line up the razor on your sideburn.
  2. Gently start pulling the blade with the grain in short strokes. It’s shouldn’t tug too much because the blade is free and sharp. Depending on your hair’s thickness, you’ll know whether you need to apply more or less pressure, and whether you need the blade to be more angled.
  3. Do another pass against the grain. As with every shaving routine, the first pass rarely gets your face as smooth as possible. In this gentle second pass against the grain, you can clean up the spots you missed and catch the problematic patches.

A 10-Minute Straight Razor Shave: The Aftermath

  1. Rinse face and use alum block. The alum block is a game-changer. It quite literally seals the deal on your shave and helps to prevent razor burn from developing later in the day.
  2. Apply post-shave serum. Even if you don’t use the alum block, you won’t want to skip the post-shave serum. It’s the final touch that leaves you with moisturized skin and a refreshing scent.

Final Thoughts

Like with most things, shaving with a straight razor takes practice. There’s always a risk that you’ll cut yourself when you’re shaving.

Remember the first time you started shaving? It wasn’t perfect, right? But eventually you learned how to pass over the weird bumps on your face, how to navigate the contours of your chin, how to catch the pesky patch of hair that grows in a different direction, and all the other things that make your shave unique.

It’s the same with learning to shave with a straight razor, but this time, you already have some experience under your belt! Plus, you have Bearded Lady Shave Company available to help you every step of the way.

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