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Barber Spotlight: Trish at PRKCHPS

Trish embodies everything we care about at Bearded Lady Shave Company: self-care, attention to detail, and a stellar shave. We sat down with Trish to talk a bit about themself, the history of barbering, and what their customers can expect from sitting in the chair.

Barber Trish with another happy customer at PRKCHPS in Atlanta, Georgiaimage courtesy of Trish @tac_the_knife

What brought you to Atlanta?

I moved to Atlanta in 2001 to work as a carpenter and welder in the Alliance Theater Company’s prop shop.

What do you enjoying doing on your day off?

On my days off, I enjoy hiking, reading, cooking, and taking care of personal home improvement goals.

Can you give us a condensed/brief history of barber culture in the 20th and 21st century?

Barbers were once about many different services performed by one barber surgeon. Teeth pulled, bullets removed, blood letting, and tattooing have accompanied haircuts, shaves, and baths for all genders and all races throughout recent history.

This is where the imagery of blue and red stripes on the pole stemmed from. Bloody bandages where hung on poles to dry. As the wind whipped them around the pole, the red and white stripes appeared. As the barbering profession split from the practice of dentistry and surgery, barbers adopted the addition of blue stripes to their poles.

Barber Trish about to give a trim to a customer at PRKCHPS in Atlanta, Georgia
image courtesy of Trish @tac_the_knife

How did you decide to become a barber?

Honestly, I had run out of options at a time when living wage jobs were few and far between unless you were in the tech field or white collar. I had been a craftsman, artist, and intellectual all my life. I worked in industries that used my hands and eye for detail.

A few of my hair stylist friends suggested I become a stylist. I didn’t want to cut and color long hair styles, so I gave barbering a shot. 

What can customers expect from their time in your chair?

I try to offer a well balanced, technically solid haircut in an efficient manner. Whether people want a new look or the usual they get every two weeks, I aim for classic hair cuts, beard trims, and shaves that last. I use premium products, many all natural, to create a pampered and tailored experience without a ton of fluff and pomp.

I want folks to trust in me like they trust in their favorite mechanic. I want every person to know I am not out to increase my product sales, but I am out to guide them to making the best hair, face, and skin decisions for their lifestyle.

What do you love most about being a barber?

A lot of people become frustrated with their hair or beard or skin. I think this is because we aren’t talked to about how to actually take care of ourselves.

I love helping someone overcome years of razor burn through changing how they shave or teaching someone how to train that pesky cowlick, or helping folks find a whole new way to present themselves to the world. I love seeing previously frustrated folks feel more confident when they walk out the door.

Barber Trish shaving a customer's head at PRKCHPS in Atlanta, Georgia
image courtesy of Trish @tac_the_knife

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Barbering is for everyone. Peace, y’all!

Catch Trish at PRKCHPS - if you can get an appointment, that is. The books fill up fast!


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