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Barber Spotlight: Raquel at Fellow Barber

We talked to barber and dog mama Raquel from Fellow Barber. If you're looking to get Chris Evans's hair and beard style, you can check out her interview with Men's Journal. But if you want to know more about the barber herself, read on!

Raquel Fajardo of Fellow Barber talks with Bearded Lady Shave Company

image courtesy of Raquel @raqattaq

What do you like to do during your time off?
I love hanging out with with my dog Lucky and going on adventures. Hanging outdoors and exploring NYC is super fun. Being from California, every turn is a surprise. Whether it's the beach or riding bikes it's mostly just lighthearted kid stuff that makes me happiest.

Where do you feel most at home and why?
I'd have to say I feel most at home in my bedroom. I'm kind of obsessed with my bed. I have a salt lamp in there and it's kind of just my zone for peace. As far as location, I’d have to say my home town of Sacramento, CA. 

Please tell us about your sweet dog: name, how you met, her likes/dislikes?
She’s amazing! My partner Annie and I adopted her through Second Chance dog rescue. Lucky loves fresh veggies, especially cucumbers. She has yet to meet a pup she hasn’t liked - Lucky is extremely social. She’s almost 7 months and has already come along to travel along with us to California.

What sparked your passion for barbering?
My passion for Barbering started with my passion for hair and styling. I became very interested in the act and the art of shaving with the straight razor. It was something new and challenging, and also very appealing that it freaks most people out. It's a tool of power and I wanted to be able to hone that skill for myself. Then of course all the cool tools and fun haircuts just kept me pumped and falling deeper in love with the culture.

image courtesy of Raquel @raqattaq

What does being an educator consist of?
I'm currently an educator for Fellow Barber internally. I help our employees that strive for continued education to move past fears through building knowledge and technical skills. For example, if someone is strong in shear work but needs clipper practice, I can assist them in transitioning. Same goes for barbers who have a hard time with dexterity, sectioning, precision cutting and overall shear work. 

I have worked on both sides of the country, east and west, but always open to exploring more areas of course. Barber shops and salons have asked me to come and do demos and help them cut hair. I do those classes privately in my time off from behind the chair.

What can people expect from their time in your chair?
Every client is educated on how to keep up their style at home. I like to share as much individual advice with my guests as possible. Whether they're in my chair or someone else's, some variables don’t change. So I try hard to express those details in the service, so they can go on in the future with more self knowledge in self care.

Is there anything else you want to share?
All I want for guests is to feel heard, valued, and look/feel better than when they arrived.

Raquel and her sweet dog Lucky
image courtesy of Raquel @raqattaq

For an appointment with Raquel at NOMAD (Flat Iron location), call (347) 506-1121


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