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10 Reasons to Wet Shave with a Double Edge Razor

Changing your morning shave routine is a big commitment. If you're not sure whether a double edge razor is right for you, consider these 10 reasons why you should improve your shave game.

10 Reasons to Wet Shave with a Double Edge Razor

    1. There’s an initial investment in the razor, but otherwise everything else is a minimal cost.

    You could still use your aerosol shaving cream without a brush. You could purchase a $5 brush, or you could spend a lot of money on brushes and soap. A cartridge razor costs anywhere between $3-5 per cartridge razor, whereas a razor blade costs anywhere between 5-20 cents.

    2. The waste produced by double edge razors is minimal.

    You can safely recycle the blades, or you could even let it simply rust away to nothing. Cartridge razors, however, have too many components to be recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

    3. Time honored tradition.

    Since the late 19th century, shaving at home has been part of almost every grown man’s morning routine. Shaving is treated as a chore, mostly because it’s no longer enjoyable.

    4. A great way to start the day.

    Don’t you want to wake up looking forward to your day? A good 10-minute shave routine can set a great tone for the rest of your morning. It’s a time for you to keep your mind empty and open, let it wander while your coffee brews and you listen to the news or a favorite playlist. By setting aside this “me time,” you can let your mind be bored – something we apparently suck at. And having a solid morning routine is a step towards personal success.

    5. Showing off in front of your friends.

    Shaving doesn’t tend to be a social activity, but if you have the opportunity to shave with other people (like in the field), people are impressed. Everyone wants to learn how to do it, but they don’t think that it’s easy. We’re here to prove that wrong.

    6. Equipment that lasts a lifetime.

    Similar to being environmentally friendly, the equipment you invest in will last not only for your lifetime, but for your children’s lifetimes, too. It may feel like a small thing, but wouldn’t it be cool to know that your razor can be passed down for generations? A piece of your daily routine can be part of your grandson’s coming-of-age moment?

    7. Great for your skin.

    You can use high quality soaps to keep your skin clean and moist. With a cartridge razor, the angles are pre-set, and while the razor head my swivel and swirl, you will never get a shave that perfectly matches the contours of your skin. As a result, you’re more likely to have in-grown hairs and irritated skin. With a double-edge or straight razor, however, you have complete control over how the blade presses against your skin, how the blade navigates the pits and bumps of your face, and how the blade goes with or against the natural growth patterns of your facial hair.

    8. You can wet shave 7 days a week.

    When you find the right razor with the right blades, you can have the perfect shave every morning of the week. You have more control over your shave, and with the proper skin care regiment as well, your skin will thank you.

    9. Requires less space.

    It seems like a lot of equipment to carry – your brush, your razor, your blades, your skin care products – but it’s only as burdensome as you make it. Plus, if you travel a lot for work, guaranteeing a good shave with cartridge razors can not only be expensive, but also wasteful. You’re packing a can of aerosol shaving cream, your plastic razor, and maybe a spare cartridge or two. But if those cartridge razor heads get wet inside your toiletry bag, that moisture strip will moisturize everything in your bag and render the cartridge useless. Plus, the aerosol can may leak or explode in your bag.

    10. Some things just can’t be replaced.

    You are identified by how you choose to present your face to the world. That first impression can make or break deals. And when you feel great about how you look, you will feel great about yourself. When you have a rushed morning shave, or if you feel self-conscious about your half-assed shaving job, you’re limiting your confidence.


    So how do you set yourself up for success? Shop now to take your first step towards a better shave!

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